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    I'm Sulfatboule

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    Casper Hotel

    I love the fact that nigh on 20 years later people are still living the dream of a feature complete shockwave server! I'll be sure to check it out, the nostalgia is crazy right now
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    Habbo 2003 EN Website

    This was about 5-6 years before my time, which is a shame because I always liked this design. Thanks for sharing this it's epic!
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    Helios - Experience the 2013 era! [C#, R63, Entity Framework]

    Looking forward to seeing this project evolve into something beautiful.
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    Hello, I am Marco

    whalecum to the forum
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    [REL] Havana ClassicHabbo edition - R39

    Nice release, great to see this era again!
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    nice forum

    v nice indeed ok
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    Flatty, a Habbo inspired social game

    absolutely love this, the gfx is spot on, what an interesting innovative project
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    hello there

    hi i'm roper i joined retros community in around 2007 and have been hooked ever since, even as an adult nice to meet you all
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    Helios - Experience the 2013 era! [C#, R63, Entity Framework]

    This version of Habbo is by far my most favorite version. I am absolutely in love with this project!