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  1. Quackster

    How do you add furniture to Kepler?

    Sprite ID's are not required and unused, and is a holdover from porting Havana's catalogue back to Kepler. The special sprite ID is "item_specialspriteid" that is used, but the "sprite_id" column in general is unused in this Habbo version.
  2. Quackster

    Habbo projector x2 zoom fix (v9 and v14) (centered windows)

    Can you share what you actually changed?
  3. Quackster

    v14+ room furniture limit

    It is probably a bit value on the movie dir file itself
  4. Quackster

    v14+ room furniture limit

    It's a hardcoded Shockwave limit, you're limited by the amount of sprites that can be allocated. It's the "channel" setting here and it's already set to the max. Flash client doesn't have this limitation so what's happening is the flash clients are adding too many furnis that wouldn't be...
  5. Quackster

    How to create a projector for launching Habbo Shockwave client via an executable file

    I was the first one back in 2019 who discovered I could do this with that Xtra, and I didn't realise how revolutionary at the time it would become. :)
  6. Quackster

    Havana Web + Kepler

    They are not compatible with each other, you'd need to edit Havana's frontend project quite a bit for it to work.
  7. Quackster

    Habbo Origins: News/Updates/Info

    The decompiled Lingo equivalent is so much more tidier than this, that's hilarious. Where did you get these from? Amazing.
  8. Quackster

    Habbo Origins: News/Updates/Info

    The fact it's not over HTTPS because that's also something I discovered, lmao.
  9. Quackster

    Habbo Hotel: Origins

    It's funny, this is the closest we'll ever get to Sulake opening their own Habbo retro. What a time to be alive.
  10. Quackster

    Habbo Origins Usernames

    Username: HoloCMS Alts: - Quackster - CleopatraVII (the famous one is the 7th one) - DebboV3 Will add more alts later. :)
  11. Quackster

    Habbo Hotel: Origins

    We will be pulling apart the client, oh yes, we will.
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    another reply, seeing if the bot comes online again
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    testing reply
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    testing discord integration :^)
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    Athena | V21 | continuation of Kepler (C version) [C17, SQLite, libuv, NNG]

    Been a year since this was last updated! Anything happening?
  16. Quackster

    hehe yes i did change it >:]

    hehe yes i did change it >:]
  17. Quackster

    Portable browser with Flash/Shockwave (Basilisk)

    With the deprecation of Flash at our doorstep, and Shockwave being retired mid 2019 we are faced with only a few options left to keep enjoying our Shockwave and Flash Habbo retros. I'm releasing a portable browser that's based on Basilisk (which is a Firefox fork). It comes with both Flash and...
  18. Quackster

    Kepler - Java v14+ server (SnowStorm, BattleBall, Camera, Wobble Squabble)

    The pets update - they are now very much complete. Pets were like, 25% done before, the commands barely worked (pets would just be in a middle of another task and ignore you) and the code behind doing pets updates was a complete mess and it slowly became impossible to add new features, however...
  19. Quackster

    Traxmachine Emulator Launch

    Hello, just letting you know the picture no longer loads - I'd recommend fixing it. :) Other than that, this looks very cool!
  20. Quackster

    [REL] HabboRegistration.swf working with Javascript

    This is awesome, is this using ruffle-rs? I haven't had much of a chance to look into it.