A word on lost player data


Staff member

Recently you may have seen that your player progress has been lost.

(All your player stashes and cars and tents etc are still safe on their respective server however)

I am deeply sorry for this. What happened was I had two users both use the singular players.db file to link the same character between two servers, this in turn backfired because those two servers were both competing for write permissions to the same file.

Eventually, at some point today, all the bytes in players.db became nulled out, see here (US 223 file on the right side):


To ensure this doesn't happen in future, I have made both US 223 #1 and #2 use different characters, and I will also make sure there's a daily backup system in place to ensure I can easily revert back if corruption happens again in future.

I am deeply sorry for the inconvenience.