Flatty, a Habbo inspired social game


Hey all, in my intro post I noticed some interest in the game I'm developing. Flatty is a game inspired by the old school Habbo vibes. The game is 2D and top-down oriented. Flatty's create their own flat and design it however they want. The game will be available on Windows, Linux and MacOS. The client is currently distributed through itch.io but Steam will be targeted after release.


Public spaces
Public spaces are shared spaces for all Flatty's! Swimming is also implemented.


A catalogue
Lots of possibilities with the furniture catalogue!


Flatty customization
Lots of customization options available for you to pick.

This game looks really clean and promising!
I adore the art style you used for the game, did you do everything yourself?

What I was wondering is what's the reason you're only going to distribute on Steam after the release?

I'd love to play this game some time once there's a Mac version released 😁
Good luck on further development!
Also I approved the thread, knowing you won't release source code. The Habbo Development sections do include the rule about only displaying your development if you plan on releasing the project when it's ready to be released, but there's no such rule in this section as of yet.
If that rule would end up being implemented in this section too, it might be a good idea to separate projects like these into some sort of show-and-tell section that would be available to show off your work on private source projects like these.
But that's all up to @Quackster
This looks awesome, love the graphics and the colour in general!

How often do you do the playtests? I would love to join on one of them!
@Joorren Thanks! As soon as this does not match the rules of the forum, let me know. I'll edit or delete the thread. The graphics are done by LimeZu. It's an asset pack. I can't do graphics and I wanted to create a fun game anyway. I wanted to only distribute on Steam as everything is managed there. Itch.io is a little too small possibly and creating a launcher myself and managing that over multiple platforms is a tad too much work that I don't want right now as I want to focus on the game itself.

@Ewout The reason I moved away from the Habbo IP is because I wanted to freely be able to distribute this game instead of hiding from Sulake. I wanted to build something myself.

@hackademiC Check the Twitter page or follow the development on Discord. Most information is shared there. The link is in the Twitter bio.
I've been quiet for a while, took a small break from development. I'm currently migrating the project from Godot 3 to Godot 4 which is a not-so-fun job!

In other news, a camera has been implemented!


I've also implemented a Painting creator that allows you to create custom paintings for your rooms! They are tradeable!

I came across this project on Discord recently. Interesting to see it was posted here a year ago!

I'll be looking forward to it coming to Steam! Good luck.