Hello, I am Marco


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Hello, my name is Marco, and I live in Brazil. Currently, I work as a creative developer.

My work today owes a lot to Habbo because that's when I started getting interested in programming. I initially started by trying to create a fan site, but when I began writing news about the game, I realized that I enjoyed the building aspect, the design, and everything else much more.

I am also passionate about pixel art and everything related to Habbo Retro. I love it so much that I even reconstructed many old public spaces for the new version of Habbo, just to experience the nostalgia of being in them.

Here are some rooms I managed to find (Unfortunately, I didn't save most of them):
(I never finished this one, but it probably would have been my favorite.)

And here are some works I have done related to CMS and fan sites:
https://marcocuel.com/p/habboxd/ (CMS)
https://marcocuel.com/p/habbid/ (Fan site)
https://bromarks.blogspot.com/ (Habbo imager that I used a lot for years to get avatars)
https://habbochain.net/ (This is the most recent one.)
Pleasure to meet you Marco! The imager is pretty cool. Have you ever considered porting it over to relay data from "Quacksters Minerva" figure data generator? Would be a useful tool. The CMS edit it pretty sick. Still makes me question weather the original opening player could relay figures from Havana/Minerva and make a similar player animation in html5.