Habbo 2003 EN Website


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last months I was developing on my v7 retro and the development steps coming to an end,
I thought it would be useful to archive the habbo website from this era.

So I spend my last days with archiving the habbo 2003 website in english to have it saved,
for fruther development actions regarding the website of this era to complete my project.




Following modifications was done:
- showing the shop & community navigation bar on every page
- adding the header banner on every page, that was missing on most pages on web.archive

- this page has best quality in chrome browser and has some bugs in firefox browser

Maybe some else has also use for this, here the download link
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This is sick! One of my favorite layouts. I need to submit that V1 layout that I translated to english. Not sure if there was an english one in the archive yet.
This was about 5-6 years before my time, which is a shame because I always liked this design. Thanks for sharing this it's epic!