Site Idea I'm Considering.


I'm considering creating a furniture download site mainly for exported shockwave assets from modern Habbo furniture which will compare to Habboassets but for old school hotels. Only want to start this project because adding furniture is a pain in the ass but I'm getting the hang of it. Since Habboassets provides this kind of platform for modern hotels I'd like to make it easier for old school hotels to get assets without the needing to create this data themselves.

What this site may will include:

- Exported .cct and .swf furniture files from translated furniture.
- Easy to import coded sql catalogue_items and catalogue_definitions
- A clean design that shows previews/photos of the furniture item you're looking at
- Easy to import furnidata and productdata for each furniture item
- Tags so you can search/sort through the site for furniture by furniture line, individual items, or by type [chairs, beds, floors, etc]

All of this would be tested on a test environment to make sure each item works properly.
I'll post updates on this if I get further into it.

Also not sure where to post this on the forum so I'm posting it here since it relates to HavanaR39.