Traxmachine Emulator Launch


New member
Hello everyone, I'm the technomage and I play Habbo PT/BR. A few years ago I started a community of old school players and in that time I worked on many small projects.

Today I would like to introduce you to the project and maybe get some help. is a website that runs a traxmachine emulator perfectly and is currently online. The intention is not to stop there, as I intend to transform it into a musical social network for all lovers of old habbo, free of charge.

I can talk more about the project later, but basically, you'll be able to create and post your own music, release albums, collaborative singles with other DJs, participate in mixing competitions and much more.

At the moment I have a team of Devs but I'm looking for a pixel artist and a UX/UI designer to help with the project.

The site-map is ready and we already have 2 pages (UX/UI) being created, so whoever joins the project will already be able to count on available resources and a reasonable team.

For those more experienced, I welcome ideas and feedback.

Thank you very much in advance!