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This is a remake of the Tsuka login page from Habbo Tsukas, open in early 2012(maybe before that)-2015. This is the same guy who made a custom room layout editor (for shockwave, yes before habbo introduced it to flash) made the cool unique hotel views, and made some sick customs of IRL cars like the GTR and the Supra that would take up the whole room. This was one of the very few asian | Japanese retros open that was fully translated for that community. This index is a complete clone made using wayback machine. I've included a screenshot of what it looked like on his site vs what it looks like on Havana.

I have added some functionality to the page rather than being full of static elements in the havana 2010 index page (similar layout). The name of the site in the speech bubbles pulls your site name from your settings. Shouldn't need to edit it. The tag bubble is more prominent and shows the correct sizing of the tags used in hotel dependent on popularity of the tags. Lastly I'm almost certain that Tsuka's server status section under the login form was static on his hotel, it now checks for Havana-server to see if the client is online of offline and will update accordingly. Logo url is located in t_frontpage.css but shouldn't need to be edited. You can just replace the site logo as it uses the same one.

Files are in the same structure of Havana follow the paths and put them in their appropriate folders.

Download Link

Tsukas Original:




EDIT: Links and screenshots have been updated.
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I’ll update the photos on this post in a bit. I need to upload them to imger or something.

EDIT: Fixed the screenshots.
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Sorry :( I'll fix em!

Alright everything is fixed 100%. I moved my screenshots to my own personal server and also fixed the download link.
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